ALPIlignum Collection Greece

ALPIlignum Collection Greece

ALPI is an example of excellence that thanks to the depth of its range including over 90 catalogue proposals available in stock – applicable to finished products and any surface – and the ability to design infinite bespoke solutions, is an unchallenged technological reference point for the wood sector.
Δρυς ALPI 649 Ισόβενος

Oak ALPI 649 Quarter Cut

Καρυδιά ALPI 65 Φαρδύβενη

Walnut ALPI Crown Cut

Καρυδιά ALPI 65 Ισόβενη

Walnut ALPI 65 Quarter Cut

Καρυδιά ALPI 68 Φαρδύβενη

Walnut ALPI 68 Crown Cut

Καρυδιά ALPI 95 Ισόβενη

Walnut ALPI 95 Quarter Cut

ALPI 17 Ισόβενο

ALPI 17 Quarter Cut

ALPI 287 Ισόβενο

ALPI 287 Quarter Cut

ALPI 2098 Ισόβενο

ALPI 2098 Quarter Cut

Ανιγκρέ ALPI 141 Ισόβενο

Aniegre ALPI 141 Quarter Cut

ALPI Argento 2163

ALPI Argento 2163

Κερασιά ALPI 200 Φαρδύβενη

Cherry ALPI 200 Crown Cut

Κερασιά ALPI 904 Ισόβενη

Cherry ALPI 904 Quarter Cut

Ρίζα Καστανιάς ALPI 583

Chestnut Burl ALPI 583

Εβενος ALPI 153 Ισόβενος

Ebanon ALPI 153 Quarter Cut

Εβενος ALPI 195 Ισόβενος

Ebanon ALPI 195 Quarter Cut

Εβενος ALPI 375 Ισόβενος

Ebanon ALPI 375 Quarter Cut

Σφένδαμος ALPI 49

Maple ALPI 49


Δρυς ALPI 365 Ισόβενος

Oak ALPI 365 Quarter Cut

Δρυς ALPI 435 Ισόβενος

Oak ALPI 435 Quarter Cut

Δρυς ALPI 510 Ντεκαπέ Ισόβενος

Oak ALPI 510 Decape’ Quarter Cut

Δρυς ALPI 513 Φαρδύβενος

Oak ALPI 513 Crown Cut

Δρυς ALPI 534 Ισόβενος

Oak ALPI 534 Quarter Cut


Δρυς ALPI 643 Segato

Oak ALPI 643 Segato

Δρυς ALPI 2021 Γκρί Ισόβενος

Oak ALPI 2021 Grey Quarter Cut

Ρίζα Ελιάς ALPI 679

Olive Burl ALPI 679

Παλίσανδρος ALPI 183 Ισόβενος

Palisander ALPI 183 Quarter Cut

Παλίσανδρος ALPI 380 Φαρδύβενος

Palisander ALPI 380 Crown Cut

Walnut ALPI 106 Crown Cut


Walnut ALPI 106 Quarter Cut


Βένγκε ALPI 74 Ισόβενο

Wenge ALPI 74 Quarter Cut


Zebrano ALPI 263


Zebrano ALPI 273