Richter Acoustic Compact


Slat system with tongue and groove edges for fast and easy installation
Acoustic-CompactLine® of Richter akustik & design. It has been developed for simple and fast interior construction The special tongue-groove-system at the edges of the slats as well as accessory parts like wall corners guarantee an easy installation and offer numerous design possibilities for commercial, residential and retail applications.
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Acoustic CompactLine®  0000 Acoustic Compact
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Acoustic panels for interior applications

Our Acoustic-CompactBoard® is ideally suitable as acoustic wall and ceiling claddings with discreet holes of only 0.5mm diameter* and is available as an untrimmed size or as a fixed measurement.
Over 320,000 holes per m² serve for pleasant room acoustics with an alpha w value of 0.8.
Optional edgings, additional drillings or millings are also possible. *other perforations on request
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Acoustic CompactBoard® 0000 CompactBoard


The Acoustic-CompactPanel® is a member of the successful Acoustic-Compact family. It stands for exceptional design, combined with a lot of possibilities in the demanding and fast paced interior décor designs.
The Acoustic-CompactPanel® is on one hand available as a ready-made panel of a fixed format including edge processing and on the other hand as slat with a covering width of 192 mm and a longitudinally milled tongue and groove profile Through this profile, the slat joinappears like one of the visible slots. This way an esthetically pleasing surface area is generated. A particular highlight of our Acoustic-CompactPanel® is the excellent absorption with alpha-w values of up to 0.75.
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