Richter Acoustic Compact


Slat system with tongue and groove edges for fast and easy installation
Acoustic-CompactLine® of Richter akustik & design. It has been developed for simple and fast interior construction The special tongue-groove-system at the edges of the slats as well as accessory parts like wall corners guarantee an easy installation and offer numerous design possibilities for commercial, residential and retail applications.
Acoustic CompactLine®  0002 CompactLine 1
Acoustic CompactLine®  0000 Acoustic Compact
Acoustic CompactLine®  0001 Acoustic Compact1


Acoustic-CompactBoard®, the classic design for large-areas, acoustically effective wall and ceiling panels. The construction of acoustically optimized carrier board and micro-perforated surfaces make this product a true all-rounder. The Acoustic-CompactBoard® can be tailored to your specific needs, both visually and technically adapted to your needs.
Acoustic CompactBoard® 0001 Acoustic Compact3
Acoustic CompactBoard® 0000 CompactBoard


The Acoustic-CompactPanel® stands for linear design, paired with many possibilities in sophisticated and fast interior design. The Acoustic-CompactPanel® is available as a fully assembled panel in fixed formats and as a lamella with a tongue-and-groove profile on the long side. The profiling enables large-area installations with seamless and invisible transitions for a smooth character.
Compact Line