The revolutionary surface material for interior architectural and design applications

materialMineralVeneer is a complete newly developed and homogeneous material by the company Richter akustik & design for high-quality surface coatings and for interior rooms. It opens up previously unknown design possibilities for kitchen, bathroom and office furniture, retail fixturing or for fitting recreational vehicles and mobile homes. Thus, MineralVeneer is an outstanding alternative for standard smooth plastic surfaces, not least because of its pleasant touch and the natural looking surface. For their MineralVeneer, Richter akustik & design was awarded the prize “Best of the Best” on the interzum Cologne in 2015.

MineralVeneer stands out for unprecedented characteristics. The permeable surface regulates, in combination with the substances, the room climate and serves for a healthy feel-good atmosphere in all interior rooms. Moreover, the surface has self-cleaning properties by the addition of photocatalytic ingredients. Organic debris will be removed by aid of sunlight.

MineralVeneer can easily be micro-perforated and is thus well-suited for acoustically effective surfaces. Especially in the fire protection field, MineralVeneer has a major advantage over standard plastic surfaces due to its low fire load and the passed A2-composite test. It is waterproof and can also be applied in wet rooms..

The revolution of surfaces for the interior design

In addition to our standard color tones we can match the colors you need with your control samples, color chips and swatches.

Product features

The advantages of this new composite surface are versatile:

A regulated and healthy indoor climate by means of the porous surface and all natural ingrediants of MineralVeneer.

Thanks to the photo-catalytical substances, MineralVeneer possesses a self-cleaning surface that removes organic contamination with the aid of natural sunlight.

Scratches can easily be removed from the homogeneous and waterproof MineralVeneer layer simply by easily refinishing.

MineralVeneer is printable without applying any primer due to the open and non-resinous surface.

MineralVeneer is manufactured using all natural mineral fibers and natural cementitious agents. It can easily be processed using all standard wood-working equipment.

Thanks to the consistency of MineralVeneer, both the surfaces and the edges are consistent in appearance because of the uniformity of the base materials.

MineralVeneer is available in large formats of 3,050 x 1,250 mm in a wide range of colors from all spectrums.

MineralVeneer can be used for engineered acoustical design by using the the full portfolio of Richter‘s micro-perforations. Our micro-perforations range from 0.5 to 1.5 mm in diameter.

MineralVeneer complies with fire protection class „B-s1-d0“, and as a composite test with the RiBoard® carrier plate, it complies with „A2-s1-d0“ (noncombustible).