Real concrete with unlimited possibilities for interior applications.

materialThe 2 mm thick concrete material bonded on different panel materials offers unlimited creative design possibilities for inside architectural applications, trade-shows, retail shops and interior decorating.

Easily fabricated. Plus LightBeton® is also available with matching edgebanding of the same material for use with automatic edgebanding machinery or hand application. By adding a slight bevel to the edges the look is authentically that of solid concrete.


Real concrete · attractive design · easily processed

With a weight of 0,268 kg / m2 it is lightweight when compared to an actual concrete wall.

Endless possibilities for interior architectural applications, trade-shows, retail fixtures and interior design.

Easily processed with standard woodworking equipment with no increase in tool wear.

The concrete surface can be prepared for use as trade-show floors and in wet locations such as bathrooms.

Material composition

LightBeton on MDF/Plywood or other wooden substrate. Available on request in different sizes & thicknesses.

NEW: with polypropylene honeycomb A composite of materials made of light honeycomb as a carrier plate with a surface of 2 mm. LightBeton® reaching a total material thickness of approx. 7 mm combined – with a porous surface and formwork patterns. Due to its low weight this product is ideal for wall paneling.




Σετ Επισκευής

Surface damages may occur in time due to unforeseen accidents.

With our hand repair kit, deep scratches and holes can easily become nearly invisible. The hard shell case houses an extensive assortment of accessories to easily repair these damages.


(1) Surface layer: 2 mm LightBeton® | Backing: fiber glass matrix | Weight: 3,9 kg/m2
(2) Core: 5 mm honeycomb | Concrete layer: 2 mm LightBeton® | Weight: 5,6 kg/m2
(3) Core: 16 mm fire rated MDF panel | Concrete layer: 2 mm LightBeton® | Backing: 0,8 mm HPL | Weight: 16,4 kg/m2

TIP: Also ask about our prefabricated panels.