Acoustic Lightboard

Meets the highest demands for sound and fire protection.

Modern architecture and design is increasingly utilizing more materials such as glass, steel and stone meeting the demands of more open offices and meeting facilities. These hard surfaces reflect sound and contribute to an increase in noise levels and a decrease in productive environments. Acoustic-Lightboard® counteracts the noise and the unpleasant effects on people and employees.

Properties for perfect acoustics and high requirements of fire protection

Up to 70% lighter in weight than most other products.

Excellent sound absorption coefficient at all frequencies with our optimized honeycomb technology.

Over 320,000 perforations per square meter creates pleasant acoustics for offices to large halls.

Acoustic-Lightboard® panels are able to meet the requirements of fire protection.

Test procedures in accordance with DIN13501-1, SBI test method according to DIN EN 13823 and ASTM E 84 (USA).

Material composition

High pressure laminates and wood veneers are perforated with the highest precision from 0.5mm to 1.5mm diameter perforations. The front and back surfaces of Acoustic-Lightboard® are available with the entire range of precise perforations.

materialFront high pressure laminate or wood veneer with hole patterns

Un-perforated edge border (depends on hole pattern)

Internal honeycomb structure with a rigid perimeter frame design

Black acoustical fleece

Perforated back surface


Diameters of 0.5 to 1.5 mm / Various perforations patterns on front and back surfaces available. Un-perforated edge widths can vary independently on all four edges (depending on the perforation).

Technical data

Height/Length: Up to 4.000 mm 

Width: Up to 1.550 mm 

Standard thickness: 19 mm and 16 mm  - optional thicknesses available

Honeycomb: 15 mm and 18 mm - optional thicknesses available

Frame construction: Standard 25 mm wide internal perimeter frame; Additional 50 mm wide internal perimeter frame for fittings and hardware attachment such as hinges - optional widths available

Covering: 2 mm veneer (0.5 mm thick wood veneer plus 1.5 mm thick HDF) | 0.8 mm thick High Pressure Laminate

Standard hole patterns: See ”Micro-perforation”

Border: Acoustic-Lightboard® panels can have an un-perforated border or be perforation edge-to-edge depending on design and selected perforations



Edging: Veneer edgebanding at 0.6 mm, 1 mm or 2 mm in thickness | ABS edgebanding; Tongue and groove edge profiles available

Finish: Fine sanded | Two part catalyzed clear lacquer. Veneer staining. Custom colored lacquer

Material: FSC® or PEFC™ available